Mr Henry Stokes, Past President, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland: my surgical teacher and mentor of my 1950 studies on Bone Pathologies in the Extinct Irish Elk, Cervus Megaceros skeletal remains excavated from deposits in Ballybetagh Bog. Dr Owen Harding Wangensteen who encouraged me to undertake experimental surgical studies on Coronary Artery Disease in his Surgical Laboratory at the University of Minnesota Medical School, 1955-1960.

Presentation of an oil painting of Oliver St John Gogarty by Gerald Brockhurst, R.A. given by Ivana and myself to the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, ca 1992. The painting was received by the President RCSI Mr W.P. Hederman on behalf of the college.

Professor Elexius "Tommy" Bell and his microscope., U of Minn. Professor Adesanya T. Grillo, Founding Dean, College of Medicine, University of Ile Ife, Nigeria, on a visit with SBD in Chestnut Ridge, N. Y. 1978

Mrs E. T. Bell awarding first Univ. of Minnesota Bell Memorial Medals at Bell Museum of Pathology Dinner, Minneapolis, June 1972. Prof. Cecil Watson left; SBD Second from right. President Malcolm Moos (University of Minnesota) and SBD, Aspen, Colorado, Interdisciplinary Conference on Health Care, 1976.

Lake Chad, near Baga, with Guide, 1983. The Lake had retreated 10 miles over preceding few years leaving baked "bog ". I was working out of Maidugari, Borno State, in the Sahel. 1984. SBD being greeted with gift of yams and goat on occasion of setting up a Self-Health Clinic in a village distant from Calabar, Cross River State, Eastern Nigeria 1983.

My Department (Biopsychosocial and Community Medicine) University of Calabar Medical School, Eastern Nigeria, 1983.

Senegal. United Nations Conference on Developing 3 Chairs of Agriculture (Francophone and Anglophone) in West Africa. With Dr Thomas Lambo (left), Deputy Director General of the WHO in his office, Geneva. Lake Geneva is in the background.

Cocktails in the Russian Embassy, Geneva, ca 1986. Dr Hussain left, Soviet Ambassador 2nd from left, Prof. Lambo, WHO, SBD. Professor Yujiro Ikemi left, Professor Tetsuya Nakagawa right. On occasion of delivering a Special Lecture, Fukuoka, 1990.

International Foundation for Biosocial Development & Human Health Dinner, Tarrytown, New York, 1982 - Ivana & SBD. This was shortly before I left for Calabar, Tropical West Africa. Planting a Tree at Meharry Medical College, United Nations Day 1987. President Henry Ponder, Fisk Univ, 2nd left back row; Rev. W.J. Harrelson, Vanderbilt Divinity School, 3rd left back row.

Ivana & SBD on the Island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean 1991. SBD was Visiting Professor at University of Mauritius. Receiving Pametni Medal from the Director Post-Grad. Medical Institute Prague (ILF)- Dr Ivo Hana. Prof. V. Sery on right. 1992.

Kitakyushu Japan with Professor Kiyoshi Inokuchi and Professor Kenzaburu Tsuchiya, ca 1994. I have had a collegial interactive academic relationship with Professor Inokuchi over the past fifteen years commencing in 1990. In the California Desert at Cottonwood Springs. Sitting under an Ironwood Tree amidst spring flowers. January 2005.My interests now were turned to Wild Flowers in the California Deserts and in Death Valley.

Lecture to School of Nursing, St. Joseph’s Hospital, Bangalore, 1996

Lift-off: Ballooning in Saga, Japan, Oct. 29, 1995.

Balloon Team. Left, Professor H. Koga and his son (co-pilot). Right, SBD with in front, lady pilot and associated ground team.