1946-1949 Active Duty, British Army (Royal Army Educational Corps), seconded to 6 A.A. Brigade, Orsett Camp and Transit Centre, Tillbury, England. (Sgt/Instr. Information/Intelligence).

Consultant the Literary Repository, 1967 (Devoted to the publishing of rare and scholarly manuscripts).

Named Hon. Kentucky Colonel, Governor State of Kentucky, 1968.

Member, World Priorities: Population Committee. International Joint Conference of the American Division of the World Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1974.

Vice President for research and Scientific Affairs, and Director, The Mario Negri Foundation, New York, 1974-1980.

Addresses presented by the people of Ikot Imo, Nsit Anyang, and Oban, Nigeria. 1982-1983.

Commendation from the King of Calabar, Nigeria, 1984.

Consultant and Member, Board of Directors, American Institute of Stress, N. Y. 1979-1985.

Named Ntufam Ajan of Oban Ejagham People, Cross River State, Eastern Nigeria, (King of Medicines), 1983. (For fieldwork and health care establishing a rural hospital in the former British Cameroons, now part of Nigeria).

Mgbe (Ekpe) Honor, Calabar Region Ejagham People, Nigeria, 1983.

Leadership in International Health, Citation by President Ronald Reagan, USA, 1987.

Presented Key to the City of Nashville, 1987.

Named Tennessee Ambassador of Good Will, 1987-1997. (State Governors, State of Tennessee).

National Service Medal, Royal British Legion, 1993.

Industrial Experience (1966-1969)

Clinical Investigator, Department of Medical Research, Hoechst Pharmaceutical Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1966-1967). Research Director for Phase I and Phase II (FDA Classification), Antianginal Test Drug Segontin. Not recommended.

Regional Medical Director, New England. Hoffmann-La Roche, New Jersey, 1968-1969.

Consultant, William S. Merrell Company, Division of Richardson-Merrell, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1969-1975.