REFERENCE SOURCES. Who’s Who in America; Who’s Who in American Education; Authors and Writers Directory; American Men and Women in Science; Gale Writers Directory, etc. Served with British Army 1946-1949. Recipient Moynihan Medal and Prize, Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, 1960; Reuben Harvey Triennial Prize, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland; Arris and Gale Lecturer, Royal College of Surgeons, England, 1972. W.H.O. Medal 1987. Citation US Congressional Record; Citation President Ronald Reagan – Leadership in International Medical Health, 1987; Key to the City of Nashville, 1987; Pametni Medal, Prague, 1988. Other distinctions including Recipient Chieftainships and Mgbe Honors, Ntufam Ajan of Ejagham People, Cross River State, Nigeria 1983.

UNITED NATIONS FINANCING SYSTEM FOR SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT (UN-FSSTD) – Stacey B. Day. Delegate At Round Table Conference, Senegal, to establish the setting up of three African Chairs of Technology funded by the U.N. in three African Universities. Dacca, Senegal, 1986.

IRISH ELK AND STACEY B. DAY see The Idle Thoughts Of A Surgical Fellow by Stacey B. Day. Cultural And Educational Productions (CEP), Montreal, 1968.
  1. On the Historical and Geological Background of the Irish Giant Deer.
  2. Observations on Bone Lesions Found in the Extinct Irish Elk including Hypertrophic Pulmonary Arthropathy, Arthritis Deformans, and Ossified Sub-Periosteal Haematoma. With Bibliographical Notes and Letters.